1991 Dodge Cummins with 800,000 miles and counting.

We call her “Ole Red”. This truck is a 1991 Dodge dually. What first caught our attention when we saw her in late 1998 was the fact that she was pushing 670,000 miles. She was owned by S. L. Hess & Sons in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Upon our inquiry we learned from John Pence, one of the drivers, that the old girl had worked every day of her life pulling stock trailers from Oklahoma to Virginia. We took pictures of her and began telling folks about her performance as a way to educate prospective customers to the benefit of diesel engine longevity.

In late 2001 “Ole Red” finally developed transmission challenges (!) so at this point in her history, S. L. Hess & Sons decided it was time for her to retire from their fleet. Now mind you, this was the first time this old truck had ever needed transmission work. When we found out she was for sale we leaped at the chance to own the old girl. We had the five speed manual transmission rebuilt for $1,166, figuring that was a good investment. When we shared this fact with Mr. Hess, he was surprised at the reasonable cost of repair and said if he’d known it would cost so little, he would still own the truck!

Perhaps the most impressive fact is “Ole Red” now has over 800,000 miles under her belt and that is without an engine overhaul! This is a truck that has been worked hard and was never babied. Is it any wonder we specialize in pre-owned diesel pickups? For a truck with the combination of greatest engine longevity potential, most economical fuel mileage and outstanding pulling power, we enthusiastically promote diesel-powered pickups as the best choice.

Need we say more?!

Author - Mark Grehlinger

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