"Across the Continent"

John C. from Burbank California standing with he new 7.3L powerstroke diesel he purchased from Handpicked Trucks.

I stumbled across the Handpicked Western Trucks web site four and a half years ago and continued to return on a weekly basis ever since, lusting after the perfect vehicle to fulfill my full-size American diesel pick-up dreams. In December of 2012 I had a narrow window of opportunity in which to purchase the truck, fly back to Virginia and make the return trip to my home in California before the start of the new year. Winter weather aside, the timing for securing the truck and driving back across the country required flawless operation.

Colleen and Mark assured me that my truck would be waiting in turn-key condition. My first impression was amazement at how a fifteen year old vehicle could exist in such “new” condition. The body was straight and clean inside and out and the mechanics were tight and thoroughly solid.

Adding to the quality of my purchase was the friendliness and openness with which the Grehlingers conducted themselves and represented their product. Buying a truck from Mark and Colleen was more like buying from family rather than strangers across the continent. I’d certainly love to buy another truck from them, but with a 7.3 Powerstroke, all you need is one, it will last forever. And I sincerely hope Mark and Colleen do too.
John C.
Burbank, CA

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