"Buy it today because it might not be here tomorrow, they mean it!"

Dave & Glenna Hedrick truck they have 1997 F250 purchased from Handpicked Trucks hooked up to their camper.

We purchased our 1997 Ford F250 7.3 Supercrew on July 31, 2010. We had been browsing for several months and had found the website and thought how nice the trucks looked. Then someone at my husband's workplace recommended Handpicked because he had purchased one from Mark & Colleen and was very happy with it. We started watching the site and eventually saw the '97. It was a difficult decision to let our '02 F150 go, but we needed the 3/4 ton truck to tow our new camper. The truck is in extremely good condition in the interior and the exterior and so far mechanically it is sound. There was absolutely no pressure from anyone, although when they say, "buy it today because it might not be here tomorrow, they mean it! While we were in the office working on the paperwork to purchase the truck, another couple began looking at it and actually asked Colleen about it when we went out to get the keys out of it :-)

We just got back from a camping trip and the truck towed the camper flawlessly and averaged 17 mpg (our F150 averaged 13 mpg)!

Would we buy from Colleen and Mark again? You bet, without a second thought.
Dave & Glenna Hedrick

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