Gregg A. standing with his dream truck!  A beautiful 41k mile OBS Ford purchased here at Handpicked Trucks.

My “DREAM TRUCK” is what I found at Handpicked Western Trucks! Outstanding Customer Service is what they stand for! I have owned and driven a late model Ford F-250 V-10 (gas motor) for 7 years. I have always liked the style of the ’95-’97 Ford Diesel trucks, and have desired one for many years. My wife didn’t want to hear that I wanted an “old truck”. But, when I found the “Black Beauty” 1996 Ford F-250 with just 41,700 miles on the HWT website, I knew this was the one! With my V-10 about to flip over to 100,000 miles, I convinced her that buying a 7.3 diesel with only 41,700 miles was a very wise decision. After 3 months, I cannot be happier with my decision. Both Colleen and Candi made the whole transaction very easy, and even allowed me to have an independent garage do an inspection of the vehicle. I think the guy felt like he had to say something about the truck, but he couldn’t come up with anything wrong with it! In fact, he said that the underside of the truck looked as if it had just rolled off the factory assembly line! Colleen told me that Mark was very picky about the trucks they sold, but this was above and beyond!

I find myself slipping out of the house in the evenings on occasion just to look at the truck parked in the driveway! (my neighbor out walking his dog has given me a few strange looks!) It is an absolute joy to drive, and the most surprising thing I didn’t expect was all the looks I get driving the truck. It is quite the head-turner, and I truly enjoy getting over 400 miles per fuel stop (as opposed to just barely 300 miles with the V-10). The picture is me with my 3 boys (ages 8, 5 & 10 months)……….. all hoping to drive the Black Beauty one day!

By the way, it is nice to see it on your website with the big yellow SOLD on it!
Gregg A.
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

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