"Dugga Boy"

Chris standing with his OBS Ford "Dugga Boy"

After nearly a year of searching on the internet for this particular model of truck in manual shift --- I found the Handpicked Western Trucks website. I found the truck I wanted, then looked at the pictures of the vehicle, in particular the one of the engine compartment, and I was sold.
Then came the problem of organizing the financing from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean where I work. First Cate and Colleen chatted, deposits got lost in “cyberspace”, then Mark and I chatted. They cut me some slack with timing when money wires kept getting lost! I was used to this coming from Africa where I was a Professional Hunter!! But I am not sure they were!
I have now collected my “beast” and finally met Mark and Colleen face to face. These folks have retained the old style honors, codes and traditions that America was formed on and it has been our privilege and pleasure to do business with them. Mark even put a name on the truck that I told him about: “Dugga Boy” --- Tribal word for the big bad black Cape Buffalo bulls (I used to see in Africa).
I think I scared Mark on the test drive --- you folks drive on a different side of the road around here!
Chris and Cate
Cayman Islands

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