"I could not decide which of the great trucks to buy."

I had only one problem with Hand Picked Western Trucks….I could not decide which of the great trucks to buy. I wanted all of them!!! In fact, six weeks after buying my awesome 1996 F-250 with a 7.3 Power Stroke diesel, I still go to the website almost every day just to see what great trucks they have so I can tell my friends.

I could have bought my F-250 sight unseen and been totally satisfied, because Mark shoots straight and tells it as it is, no surprises whatsoever. He and Colleen have earned their great reputation in a niche market of high quality, used diesel pickups. They are honest and trustworthy.

Although I hope to keep my 1996 F-250 for the next fifteen years, I would not be surprised if I trade it back to them in good shape just to try another of their great trucks for sale. The alternative is that I may just start collecting square body F-250 7.3 diesels. I guess I can extend my barn with a few more bays. That might be better than giving up this square body diesel.

Something unbelievable happened the day I picked up my new, used truck. As I drove away, just getting a feel for my Power stroke, I turned on the radio for the first time. Out came the country western song “It’s a truck!” Unbelievable!!! I didn’t even have to tune into the country western channel; the song started right from the beginning the moment I turned on the radio. Now, that is good charma with Hand Picked Western Trucks. If any other buyers have had the same tune play, I want to know. It could not have been an accident. Mark and Colleen just have a special way with their trucks and customers. What a send off. I wonder how they did that?

When you get to Hand Picked Western Trucks, take the time to enjoy the western theme in the office. These are good people to do business with. You will feel it right away.

David Lambertsen
Farmer, sailor and executive
Easton, MD
1996 F250

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