"I quickly fell in love"

Hermen with his F350 OBS Ford he purchased from Handpicked Trucks.

I’m from Miami Fl. and had been shopping for a motor home for several months until I finally found one on line that I really liked and looked like a great deal, the pictures of it online looked really good and the owner had said it was in great condition. I decided to make the purchase and flew out to Alabama to buy it and drive it back. When I finally arrived I almost fainted to see the poor condition this coach was in. With a red hot fuming mind I quickly told the owner the deal was off and to please drive me back to the airport which was an hour and a half away I had to call in an other one way ticket back that cost me $390.00 and a stop in Atlanta Ga. What a nightmare. After that fiasco I decided to go to plan B which was buying a truck and then later going with a fifth wheel trailer. I started to look for a truck online and local only. Well I couldn’t find anything worth looking at until I ran across Handpicked Western Trucks web site and saw their trucks, I quickly fell in love with the F350 I saw online, I could not believe my eyes to see the condition this age of truck was in, but after my bad experience i was kind of hesitant to fly even further for this truck. After speaking with Colleen I felt reassured that it wasn’t too good to be true and took the risk. After arriving at their dealer and saw and drove the truck it was everything I thought it would be and made the purchase. 1,200 miles later I was back in Miami with my new truck Thank you Mark and Colleen for making it a pleasurable experience.
Miami, FL

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