"It has surpassed my expectations."

Jay Cutchin standing with his new crew cab short bed 97 F250 after taking delivery of it in North Carolina.

Man from Winston Salem NC buys 1997 Ford F250 Crew Cab Short Bed

On December 1, 2007 Colleen and I delivered a 1997 Ford F250 to Mr. “Jay” Cutchin of Winston Salem, NC. He purchased this truck based on our pictures and description, but his most positive reaction upon actually seeing the truck and the subsequent test drive really said it all. Several days later on the phone he exclaimed, “Colleen, the more I drive this truck, the more I like it, but I have a problem with Mark’s MIG scale rating of 9.5. It really should’ve been 9.8!” We commented that we prefer to understate quality and condition and have the customer pleasantly surprised when they actually see and drive the truck. Jay, thank you so much for your business!!!
Subsequent to the above posting, Jay e-mailed us and wanted to say it in his own words. Jay writes about his purchase:
Well - what an experience it was, and a pleasant one, by the way. You know it’s hard for a southern redneck good ’ole boy to trust a couple of transplanted Yankees but I stuck my neck out and did just that. I also bought a vehicle over the phone, after just looking at just a couple of photos - sent these people money even! Can you believe it? After it’s all been said and done, however, I have to say that Mark and Colleen are really southern at heart - they just talk funny. They assured me that I could inspect the truck, drive it and kick the tires all I wanted and if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to take it. They were extremely accommodating and drove the truck down to NC on a visit to their daughter and her family. (Grandparents are such suckers - they just used me as an excuse). Well - I had a friend (also a TPY from MA - they’re taking over) drive me over to pick up the truck and he also was impressed with Mark and Colleen and was really impressed with the truck. “SWEET” was his remark. After driving it for a month now, it has surpassed my expectations. No dings, rust, faded paint or cracked paint - no blemishes whatsoever. Runs like a sewing machine. The only fault I can find is that Mark’s rating system is too strict - he said my truck was a 9.5 - it should be a 9.8. I drive vehicles until the wheels come off or my needs change. Then I’ll be calling Handpicked Western Trucks once again. This time I won’t be trusting strangers.

Jay Cutchin
Winston Salem, NC

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