"There is absolutely no comparison"

Thomas S. standing with his new pride and joy a 1997 F250 he bought from Handpicked Trucks.

The picture tells only part of the story, almost the last chapter in a story started in 1999. I began looking at the Handpicked website daily, in fact it was my home page so I always had an eye on the latest offerings. My ’93 was showing signs of rust and I knew I needed to do something. I had found what I thought was the perfect truck, a white square body ford and the only issue was auto locking hubs but I knew I could fix that. I called to make an offer days after it hit the website and Colleen told me, it was sold and on the way to Florida. I thought, how could someone have gotten to Virginia so fast? Colleen set me straight, the truck was bought solely on the web pics, lengthy conversations with Mark and most importantly, their reputation. The transport was on the way to ship it out!

I now fully appreciate that. I bought the 97 F250 based on web pics, conversations and again, their reputation. I am another happy customer that would tell any prospective buyers, that what you see is what you get. Mark and Colleen are absolutely wonderful. They were open on a Saturday morning to accommodate my arrival even though it was the beginning of a 10+ inch snowstorm. While this was not ideal conditions for looking at my new truck and making that critical “yes” decision it was a great test of the four wheel drive. I was concerned but the truck was GREAT and has been a joy for the last 5 months. My only regret is that I waited so long.

Recently I saw a similar truck at a local ford dealer, 97 F250 extended cab with the 7.3. I had to stop and look! The outside was great until you looked underneath! There is absolutely no comparison between the condition of the local offerings here in CT to what Mark and Colleen bring to the market. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and gladly share the information with the many folks who admire the truck! Hopefully the referrals pay off.

Keep up the great work!
Thomas S.
Farmington CT

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