Our History

Handpicked Trucks logo

Handpicked Western Trucks was founded back in 1998 by Mark & Colleen Grehlinger in Leon, Virginia.  Mark & Colleen did a fantastic job of providing top of the line near showroom quality early diesel pickup trucks to the world.  Yes, I literally mean the world as they shipped trucks all over the country and even to Europe several times.  They operated Handpicked up until 2016 when they decided it was time to go a different direction with their lives.  This is where Paul & Chris Rutledge come into the story. 

Paul & Chris purchased Handpicked Western Trucks in 2018 and moved the business to Texas, ironically to the state where Mark purchased the majority of his trucks over the years.  They had been fans of the company practically since before they could drive.  Being that Paul & Chris were already in the early pickup truck market with CP Addict ( purchasing Handpicked was simply a no brainer.  In the course of moving the company to Texas they dropped the Western part of the name out making it just Handpicked Trucks.  They also updated the logo and website to what you see currently making it easier for their customers search for the trucks they are looking for.  

Handpicked Trucks has a long history of selling only the nicest trucks available and Paul & Chris are striving to do just the same.  They feel that you will not be able to find another dealership that will provide even close to the same quality or care as Handpicked does.  

Looking forward to the future Paul & Chris have big plans to provide the world with only the best trucks on the market. 

Mark & Colleen standing with a first gen dodge front Handpicked Western Trucks

Chris & Paul Rutledge with Mark & Colleen the day they made the agreement to purchase Handpicked Trucks.  (Chris on the far left and Paul on the far right.